History of the Colony

As part of King Francis the First’s press for colonization, France established the colony of ‘Nostra Gallia’ (Latin: ‘Our France‘) in 1535 AD. Two Italian colonies and one Spanish colony were also settled nearby just a few years before, leading France to establish a Garrison of troops in a fortress in Nostra Gallia.

Seven years later, in 1542 AD, due to the long-going  ‘Italian Wars’ (which started in 1494 and had continued for decades up to now), France withdrew support from the colony to focus its resources on an upcoming re-invasion of Italy in partnership with their new ally, the Ottoman empire.

Left on its own, and with enemy neighbors just across the mountains, the young colony of Nostra Gallia formed into its own nation to defend itself while in wait for the day when France could yet again cover it with its crown. Unfortunately, first due to the Italian Wars, and now due to the religious turmoil in France, this return of France has yet to transpire.

The colonial government chose the four largest cities, ruled by lords of noble French blood, to each govern the smaller towns and villages surrounding them – this was the same structure that existed during France’s reign. The four lords of the cities, together with the advice of the governors of the towns, and mayors of the villages, would decide the course of the nation until France could return to claim sovereignty.

To protect from invasion by the nearby Italian colonies, a group of soldiers is trained to replace the ones withdrawn by France. Two branches of the military is formed: the Guards, whose job is to protect the cities and towns, and the Rangers, who patrol the long stone-paved road that encircles the nation and connects the major cities together.

As four more years passed without relief from France, the four lords chose a king from amongst themselves. The southern-most Lord-City became the capitol of Nostra Gallia being the largest (having been established first and being closest to the sea), and also being ruled by the lord with the most noble blood and thus greatest claim to kingship. The three other lords retained autonomy over their existing territory as they had under France, but with the new king over them.

At the same time as the three lords put the fourth on a throne, other noblemen in the cities and towns worried about abuse of power from the new king, and some of the nobles left their property and possessions and formed a group of knights, L`Ordre des Gardiens – “The Order of the Guardians”, to ensure and uphold the French sense of justice. The three lords decided that recognizing and lending support to the Guardians would provide an important safeguard for themselves from the king, and forced governmental recognition of the order.

After a 21 year reign, the first king falls ill and dies. In his stead, his only son is put on the throne and secures his position by visiting each Lord-City with the unspoken request for recognition and approval from the lords.

Fast foward five years, and we come to the present. In the present, we find you: A guardian. We also find that this seemingly stable kingdom is about to be shaken and its strength tested. Of Stranger Flames follows one of the most important, and most distressing, periods of time in Nostra Gallia’s history.



1535 AD, France establishes the colony.

1542 AD, France abandons the colony.

1543 AD, The colony forms a temporary government in France’s absence.

1547 AD, The four lords establish one of themselves as king.

1568 AD, The first king dies, and his son ascends to the throne.

1573 AD, The events in ‘Of Stranger Flames’ begin.


[The Order of the Guardians]